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Japonisme, Orientalism, Modernism contains 1,161 html pages, bibliographical notes for more than 4,000 works, something like 1,100 discrete images, and 45,578 hyperlinked cross-references. It is as complete as I have been able to make it for texts published before 31 December 2002, with occasional but not systematic notes added since. Principles of inclusion and annotation are outlined in the Preface. The historical and illustrated introduction is Orientalism, Absence, and Quick-Firing Guns: The Emergence of Japan as a Western Text.

I am pleased to review new work for possible inclusion. Queries, notes, or texts suitable for electronic posting may be sent , others to the postal address noted top left here.

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Images that appear in Japonisme, Orientalism, Modernism are believed to be in compliance with Japanese and international copyright law, in understandings of the public domain and in accordance with fair use and fair dealing clauses. Any image, nonetheless, will be removed at the request of anyone claiming rights to it.