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Emerging from Absence: An Archive of Japan in English-Language Verse contains 158 poems or excerpts of poems by 94 writers, with note of 165 other poems by 92 other writers, altogether representing work published from 1744 to 2006 by 186 poets. The editors are pleased to review work for possible inclusion, and particularly to hear from copyright holders who are willing to grant permission to include work, poets who would like their work included, or scholars who call attention to work that ought to be included. Generally speaking, David Ewick is the editor for work first published before 2000, Irene De Angelis for work published in and after 2000. Queries, notes, or texts suitable for electronic posting may be sent to David Ewick , others to the postal address noted top left here.

The Archive is intended for non-profit educational purposes only. Much of the work included is not in the public domain and is owned by the copyright holder. This work may not be reproduced, altered, or distributed without permission of the copyright holder. Please see the terms of use before continuing.

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Images that appear in Emerging from Absence are believed to be in compliance with Japanese and international copyright law, in understandings of the public domain and in accordance with fair use and fair dealing clauses. Any image, nonetheless, will be removed at the request of anyone claiming rights to it. See the Terms of Use for further information.