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spI knew you must be edified by the margent ere you had done. . . .


Welcome to the margins.

With minor exceptions themargins.net no longer is updated regularly. For now the two main areas, Emerging from Absence: An Archive of Japan in English-Language Verse, edited by David Ewick and Irene De Angelis, and Japonisme, Orientalism, Modernism: A Bibliography of Japan in English-Language Verse of the Early Twentieth Century, by David Ewick, remain. They may be accessed by clicking the following:


These works last were substantively updated in 2008, but I remain interested in both and conceivably could be persuaded to make an occasional update to either. My email address is .

Beyond this, a current version of my cv is here;

material about Kenny Ewick and the Stardusters and Bob Hoban and the Midniters is here;

and the old index page, which for now continues to lead to everything that was on the site ca. 2008, broken external links and all, is here.

spde, August 2012

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If you make use of anything here please do cite it. That you found it on the Internet does not mean either that it is not serious or that it is yours for use without attribution. The archive and bibliography represent something like twenty years of careful attention and I like to see my name in notes and indices.





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