A. Critical and Comparative Studies

16. Hall, Josef Washington. ‘The Pacific-Asian Influence on the Poets of the United States’. Anthology of Magazine Verse (1926): 150-71.

The first systematic account of the influence of East Asian verse on American poetry suggests that American poets are ‘learning poise and appropriating assurance’ from the classical poetry of East Asia. Does not try to evaluate the influence beyond noting that some poets are interested in the ‘domestication of the oriental forms’ while others have turned attention to methods, ‘atmosphere’, or philosophy adapted from China and Japan. Includes brief discussion of work by Aldington, Bynner, Crapsey (see CA4), H. D. (see 8), Fletcher, Lowell, Pound, and Sandburg (see CA6), and mention of the importance of Chamberlain (see D5), Dickins (D3), Hearn (D9), Mitford (D4), Okakura (D16), Ernest Satow (Ap), and Waley (D26).





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