A. Critical and Comparative Studies

30. Ashmead, John, Jr. ‘Japanese-American Cultural Interaction’. Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature 11, supplement (1962): 211-19.

Includes thoughtful notes about influences from the nô in European theatre, and about ‘poetic interpenetrations’ between Japanese and English verse, which though they come comparatively late in the history of cultural interaction have been ‘among the most powerful and long-lasting influences’ from Japan in Anglo-American and Irish culture. Includes reference to Chamberlain (see D5), Hearn (D9), Hulme (see A3), Kipling (see CA1), Longfellow (see CA1), Noyes (see CA2), Pound, Thornton Wilder (see also 25, 55, and BL129), Yeats, and others.





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