A. Critical and Comparative Studies

32. Anniah Gowda, H. H. ‘The Influence of the Noh on Verse Drama’. In The Revival of English Poetic Drama. Bangalore: Government, 1963. Enlarged ed., Bombay: Orient Longman, 1972.

Discusses the use of ‘Nô technique’ in verse plays by Yeats, Bottomley (see CA3), Binyon, Moore (see CA9), and Masefield (see CA5), but confuses the nô itself with the uses to which Yeats put it, and so concludes, therefore, that Yeats, Bottomley, and Binyon ‘make use of the Japanese technique pure and simple’, while Moore and Masefield do not. Useful mainly for identifying effects of Yeats’s Plays for Dancers (BL17) in the work of his contemporaries.





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