A. Critical and Comparative Studies


51. Harmer, J. B. Victory in Limbo: A History of Imagism, 1908-1917. New York: St. Martin’s, 1975.

Includes a useful summary of the use of Japanese materials in Imagist poetry, including work by Aldington, Fletcher, Flint (Ap), Hulme (see A3), Lowell, and Pound, and a careful sorting out of the relations between early translations, especially those of Chamberlain (D5a), and the work of the Imagists. Contains also a brief but insightful analysis of the relation between Pound, Fenollosa (D10), Japanese and Chinese materials, and Imagist theory. Careful not to claim too much, but shows that Japanese materials had ‘effects on Imagist poetry [that] deserve at least some notice’. See also A2.





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