A. Critical and Comparative Studies


70. Qian, Zhaoming. Orientalism and Modernism: The Legacy of China in Pound and Williams. Durham: Duke UP, 1995.

Though Qian’s central thesis concerns the role of Chinese tradition in the shaping of Modernist verse in English, particularly that of Pound and William Carlos Williams, his ambitious and well-argued work includes reference throughout to Japanese subjects and interests (see index). Includes reference to Aldington, Ariga Nagao (Ap), Binyon, Eliot (see CA10), Fenollosa (D10), Fletcher, Flint (Ap), Freer (Ap), Hulme (see A3), Amy Lowell, Mori Kainan (Ap), Wallace Stevens (see CA7), and Arthur Waley (see D26), as well as comment about the roles of haiku and the nô in the development of early-century English-language verse.





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