BC. Laurence Binyon

22. Three Short Plays: Godstow Nunnery, Love in the Desert, Memnon. London: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1930.

Plays in verse that are reminiscent of Yeats’s nô-inspired drama (see especially BL12), though no direct connection exists in the published record. Love in the Desert was performed at the Oxford Recitations in 1928, Godstow Nunnery and Memnon at John Masefield’s theatre at Boar’s Hill, Oxford, probably in the same year. Writers about Binyon have noted often that verse drama was not his strength, nor was it reason for his wide readership. The copy of this work at the University Library at Cambridge had been in the collection for sixty-two years and six months before the pages were cut, so that the work could be consulted for this bibliography.





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