BD. Edmund Blunden

28. ‘English Literature in Japan’. Preface to Keats’ View of Poetry, by Takeshi Saitô. London: Cobden-Sanderson, 1929.

In part a survey of important names in the introduction of English Literature to Japan, including Doi Kôchi (Ap), Lafcadio Hearn (D9), Ralph Hodgson (Ap), Ichikawa Sanki (Ap), John Lawrence (Ap), Natsume Sôseki (Ap), Robert Nichols (Ap), William Plomer, Tsubouchi Shôyô (Ap), Sherard Vines (Ap), and the publishing house Kenkyusha. Saitô’s (Ap) work itself had been his doctoral thesis at Tokyo Imperial University, and at Blunden’s urging was published by Cobden-Sanderson.






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