BD. Edmund Blunden

30. The Poems of Edmund Blunden, 1914-1930. London: Cobden-Sanderson, 1930.

Includes new work and reprints much of Blunden’s earlier work of Japan, including Far East (3), A QuarteT (23), and in another expanded ‘Japanese Garland’ section the poems that had appeared in 18 and 27.

  Reprinted in Poems 1930-1940.  

a. A Japanese Evening. The speaker dines at a cottage in Japan, and later, outside under the moonlight with the owner and his daughters is persuaded to give an English lesson. Plays on Japanese mispronunciation of English words, though not always accurately. Almost certainly no Japanese would say ‘mooni’ instead of ‘moon’, ‘doggi’ instead of ‘dog’, or ‘weino’ instead of ‘fan’, for example. O tsuki sama (l. 28): moon; okashii (l. 36): strange or odd; O-Ji-San (l. 49): uncle, or middle-aged man. Reprinted in 50, 162, and 168.





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