BD. Edmund Blunden


119. Review of Japanese Masters of the Colour Print, by J. Hillier; Japanese Colour Prints from Harunobu to Utamaro, by Wilfrid Blunt; Pageant of Japanese Art: Painting 2, vol. 2, edited by the Tokyo National Museum; A Story of Ukiyoe and Utamaro, by Ichitarô Kondô; and Japanese Folk Tales, by Kunio Yanagita. Journal of Oriental Studies 2 (1955 [i.e., January 1956]): 371-73, 385-87.

Blunden offers his own brief appreciation of ukiyoe and general praise for the works under review. Hillier’s study in particular is ‘as gracious a view’ of the Japanese print as Blunden has ‘found in book form’. Includes reference to Hiroshige (Ap), Hokusai (Ap), Sharaku, and Toyokuni Utagawa (Ap). See also 103.





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