BD. Edmund Blunden

189. Mizunoe, Yuichi. Edmund Blunden in Japan: Bibliographical Documents and Two Unpublished Poems. [Tokyo]: Hokuseido, 1981.

Mizunoe was a student of Saitô Takeshi (Ap), and this work derives from Saitô’s earlier Blunden bibliographies (see 185f). Mizunoe earlier sent to Kirkpatrick (187) a list of articles Blunden published in periodicals in Japan, and so Kirkpatrick’s bibliography, published two years earlier, includes virtually all items in Mizunoe’s list. His work remains a useful supplement to Kirkpatrick, however, in part for its seven indices, all relating to Japanese materials, and in part for its listing of secondary materials: section III lists 255 ‘Japanese books, articles, and others commenting on Edmund Blunden’, including obituaries in Japanese journals and newspapers; section IV lists thirty-one manuscripts and type-scripts ‘held by Dr T. Saitô’. See 167 for notes about the ‘unpublished poems’.





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