BH. John Gould Fletcher

6. Japanese Prints. Poetry Journal, June 1917, pp. 81-86.

  Reprinted in Japanese Prints.  

Seven poems with no internal connection to Japanese subjects beyond the title of the group are not noted here. Reprinted in 7; see also 3.

a. Two Ladies Contrasted. Fletcher’s focus is the kimono of the characters he describes, as is the case in several poems in 7 (especially d, g, and l, and see also BI7a3 and BI8z).

b. On the Banks of the Sumida. Description of an autumn evening along the river in Edo. Reprinted in 20.

c. Yoshiwara Festival. Description of a night scene with peacocks in Edo’s licensed quarter.

d. Sharaku Dreams. ‘Sharaku’ speaks about the faces he intends to ‘scrawl on the walls of the night’. Reprinted in 20.

e. The Beautiful Geisha. The first two stanzas of three lines each make use of Pound’s technique of super-position (see BK12), and therefore read something like period translations of hokku.





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