CC. The Larger Context

    Still the only study in English primarily concerned with the ways understandings of Japan were mediated in French literature.  

1. Schwartz, William Leonard. The Imaginative Interpretation of the Far East in Modern French Literature, 1800-1925. Paris: Champion, 1927. Reprint, Chicago: University of Chicago Library, 1989. Microfilm.

The reliance upon French materials for the Japanese interests of English-language writers in the early years of the twentieth century has been insufficiently explored. Schwartz’s work, as the title suggests, does not concern itself directly with English literature, but is nonetheless important to this study for its presentation and informed analysis of the Japanese interests of Edmond and Jules de Goncourt (see D7), Paul-Louis Couchoud (see D19), Michel Revon (see D21), Josè Maria de Hèrèdia (1842-1905), Judith Gautier (1846-1917), and others whose representations of Japan often are the sources of the Japanese influences under study here. Based on ‘The Imaginative Interpretation of the Far East in Post-Classical French Literature’, PhD thesis, Stanford University, 1926. See also Miner’s ‘From Japonisme to Impressionism’ (in A25), and notes at D1 and D25.





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