CC. The Larger Context

11. Japonisme.

  Among the major works in the large library of Japonisme.  

In addition to Kodama (A69), Lancaster (2), Wichmann (5), and Berger (9) other useful accounts of Japonisme include Gabriel P. Weisberg et al., Japonisme: Japanese Influence on French Art, 1854-1910 (Cleveland: Cleveland Museum of Art, 1975); Frank Whitford, Japanese Prints and Western Painters (London: Studio Vista, 1977); Chisaburô Yamada, ed., Japonisme in Art (Tokyo: Committee for the Year 2001, 1980); Phillip Dennis Cate, ed., Perspectives on Japonisme: The Japanese Influence on America (New Brunswick, N.J.: International Center for Japonisme, Rutgers University, 1989); Tomoko Sato and Toshio Watanabe, eds., Japan and Britain: An Aesthetic Dialogue, 1859-1930 (London: Humphries, 1991); Toshio Watanabe, High Victorian Japonisme (Bern: Lang, 1991); and Linda Gertner Zatlin, Beardsley, Japonisme, and the Perversion of the Victorian Ideal (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1997). See also Gabriel P. and Yvonne M. L. Weisberg, Japonisme: An Annotated Bibliography (New York: Garland, 1990).





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