D. Sources of Influence and Transmission

24. Naruse, Seichi. ‘Young Japan’. Seven Arts, April 1917, pp. 616-26.

The acknowledged source of the ‘1903 Japan’ section of Amy Lowell’s ‘Postlude’ to ‘Guns as Keys’. Naruse’s account of the suicide of a Japanese student in this issue of Seven Arts appears verbatim in Lowell’s poem.

Naruse’s tracing of the intellectual history of Japan from the Meiji Restoration into the twentieth century includes description and analysis of the suicide of the high-school student Fujimura Misao, and this is the acknowledged source of the ‘1903 Japan’ section of Lowell’s ‘Postlude’ to Guns as Keys (BI7b1), where Naruse’s translation of Fujimura’s suicide note appears verbatim.








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