Index of Names and Subjects

The Index of Names and Subjects and the Index of Chronology are holdovers from the days when the bibliography existed only in word-processor files and bound copies of A4 paper, and are rendered largely anachronistic in searchable html. In most cases a reader is better advised to enter terms in the search form than to consult the indices.

In some cases, however, the indices will be more reliable than the search form because they were generated by a human consciousness (mine) rather than a computer algorithm. This will be apparent in the difference between search results for ‘Japanese universities’ and this index entry, to take a random example from among dozens possible.

The indices remain, then, though readers should note that I have stopped updating them—the ratio of time spent to benefit gained stopped making sense after the search form was added—and so a complete search for the subject of many index entries is usefully supplemented by the search form. Readers may search the bibliography alone (as opposed to all of by working from the form on the bibliography contents page.

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