David Ewick


Truth to Power: A Bibliography of Edward Said On-line (4/9)

1.2. Primary / E-texts: Interviews

In Harmony, Guardian, 5 April 2003. Interview with Said and Daniel Barenboim about their ‘unlikely friendship’.

Interview with Professor Edward Said, ‘Four Corners’, ABC (Australia) Online, 11 March 2003. ‘[The war in Iraq is] about power. I think it’s about a sort of misguided, wilful religious view of the world, which emanates from George Bush and his immediate coterie of supporters who think that Saddam represents evil and the United States good.’

‘I find myself instinctively on the other side of power’, interview with Joan Smith, Guardian, 10 December 2001.

Interview by David Barsamian, The Progressive, March 1999.

What Cairo Means to Me, 1994 interview with Mona Anis, Al-Ahram, 24 September~1 October 2003.

Lies of Our Times: Interview with Edward Said conducted by Nabeel Abraham, University College Cork Student Pages, May 1993.

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