BK. Ezra Pound

90. Unpublished materials.

a. †Ezra Pound Archive. American Literature Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. By far the largest Pound archive. Includes six series, General Correspondence, Family Correspondence, Family Correspondence with Others, Special Correspondence, Manuscripts, and Personal and Financial Documents. The voluminous correspondence includes letters to and from Aldington, Binyon, Bynner, Eliot, Flint, and Yeats; manuscripts include those of many of Pound’s works, including his edited typescripts of The Cantos and Fenollosa’s material on the nô (see also b and CB1b), along with Yeats’s unpublished ‘Suggestions & Corrections’ for the Cuala Press edition of Certain Noble Plays of Japan (21; see 175).

b. †Ezra Pound Collection on Japanese Drama. Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library. Papers donated anonymously to Princeton in 1991. Includes typescripts corrected by Pound of nô material that did not appear in ‘Noh’ or Accomplishment (24), including ‘Luya’ [YUYA], Takasago (see 88b-d), Yeboshi Ori [Eboshiori], Hajitomi [Hashitomi], and a synopsis of Ataka, along with the ‘Morihisa’ section of the Heike monogatari, a seminal work of Japanese literature about a seminal period in Japanese history, the fall of the Taira at the hands of the Minamoto in the Gempei wars (see 21a), compiled in various versions in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries; also included are notes by Pound on ‘Japanese stagecraft’, related notebooks in the hand of both Pound and Fenollosa, a letter from Pound to Kume (Ap), the ‘“Image” and the Japanese Classical Stage’ typescript (see 87), notes by Fenollosa, including a section of Nishikigi (8), and other related material. See 193 for further notes about the collection.

c. Ezra Pound Papers. Lilly Library, Indiana University. Includes the galley proof of Noh . . . A Study of the Classical Stage of Japan (see 24), corrected by Pound, dated 18 September 1916, along with numerous other manuscripts and letters.

d. †Ezra Pound Collection. Rivera Library. University of California at Riverside. Contains eight letters from Pound to Hartmann (see D12).

e. Other materials. Some Pound materials, including correspondence with Aiken, are held at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin. Pound’s letters to other poets under study here may be found in the Bynner and Lowell Papers at Harvard (BE22a and BI22a) and the Fletcher Papers at Arkansas and Texas (BH23a-b).





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