BK. Ezra Pound

102. Fang, Achilles. ‘Fenollosa and Pound’. Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 20 (1957): 213-38.

Fang’s meticulous study of sources for the three books Fenollosa and Pound ‘jointly produced’, Cathay (15), ‘Noh’ (24), and The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry (32), includes discussion of material in cantos II, IV, XLIX, and LVI that ‘can only have been derived from the Fenollosa notes’, but focuses much more on Chinese than Japanese interests and sources. Fang’s suggestion that in references to ‘So-shu’ in canto II Pound confuses Li Po with Chuang Chou (c. B.C. 369-286, Jpn.: So-shu) inadvertently led to a fray in the pages of Paideuma two decades later, which resulted in claims that the name comes from Japanese sources (see 150, 151, 159, and 173).






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