BK. Ezra Pound


188. Wilhelm, J. J. Ezra Pound in London and Paris: 1908-1925. University Park:  Pennsylvania State UP, 1990.

The most thorough study of Pound’s years in London and Paris. Includes a chapter on ‘Art and the Orient’ (pp. 126-39), along with frequent reference to people and subjects related to this study, including Ariga (Ap), Fenollosa, haiku, Japanese literature, Mori Kainan (Ap), the nô, tanka, and Pound’s association with Aiken, Aldington, Binyon, Bynner, Fletcher, Flint (Ap), Hartmann (D12), Itô (Ap), Kume (Ap), Lowell, and Yeats (see index). Places Pound’s meeting with Binyon in early February 1909.







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